How To Unregister Malicious DLLs


1. Open the Command Prompt
Press the Start button and click on the Run option. This will start the Run tool. In its Open: field type cmd and press the OK button.

Image 1. Open the Command Prompt

2. Navigate to the exact DLL location
When the Command Prompt window will appear, change the directory to exact DLL location path as shown on the below image. Type the cd command (it is used to change the current directory), put space and enter the full path to the DLL. Press enter. This will change the current directory to that you have entered. To display directory contents use the dir command.

Image 2. Navigate to a folder containing the DLL

3. Unregister the DLL
Within the exact directory type this command: regsvr32 /u [dll_name] and press enter.

Image 3. Unregister the DLL

If the DLL was registered in the system and the operation was successful, you should see a message very similar to the following:

Image 4. The operation succeeded

If you have accidentally unregistered harmless DLL, you can register it back by invoking regsvr32 command without the /u key: regsvr32 [dll_name]. This will undo the changes.