Building The Online Visibility Of Your Website

Even a spectactular site lay out can only be so effective. Even though it’s targeted to the right audience, people aren’t just going to magically come to your website. Now it’s time to do the real work! You must figure out a way to get visitors to your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to do just that. You’re obviously aware of the importance of search engines and how they drive traffic to your site. Nothing beats free advertisement! The bottom line is, your site isn’t going to do so well if you’re not on the first page of all major search engines.

SEO is guided by a group of standards set forth by none other than the search engines themselves. You have to prove that you’re an authoritative site with lots of incoming back-links and relevant keywords if you want to rank well with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This view is overly simplified, however. At the most basic level, you have your links. Don’t take these for granted, though. There are many factors that are part of managing a successful SEO campaign.

Search engines can be cruel masters. They don’t just put you on the first page because they like you. You're going to have to earn that placement. That’s where search engine optimization comes in. If you stay within the search engines’ guidelines, you should climb the rankings like a super hero. Before you begin, you need to figure out what keywords you want to target. Before you start, you must do some keyword research.

For this I use a 2 great programs called:
Keyworld Tool (Download here for free). A brief video on how to use KeywordTool can be foud here
CherryPicker (Download for free here). A brief video on how to use cherrypicker can be found here

If you do smart research on a keyword’s level of competition with the tools above , you can save a lot of time. When you first start your SEO campaign, try to target keywords with low competition, sometimes called the longtail keywords. Long tail keywords are 3 and 4 word keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling. You see, whenever a someone uses a highly specific search phrase, they are usually looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. In almost every case, such very specific searches are far more likely to convert to sales than generic searches that tend to lean more toward the type of research that consumers typically do prior to making a purchase.

Getting those all-important back-links and focusing on your website content is the best way to start your SEO project. Once the search engines see your changes and crawl your website you are likely to start to see ranking improvements straight-away. Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to get around doing this work. If you want to make the first page on Google, Yahoo & Bing, you’ve got to do some SEO. It really can be a pain in the neck, and even us experts are still learning new tricks everyday. If you’re investing in your online presence, it would be foolish to neglect search engines. SEO is the way to get noticed your website noticed on Google. It could mean the difference between success and failure.