Sleek, lightweight, user-friendly and powerful – that’s probably what you think when you see the laptops of today. But there was a time when the average laptop was larger, chunkier and a bit slower. It’s amazing how laptops have evolved in a span of three brief decades. It’s also amazing how laptops are commonplace in […]

When you first get a new phone, it seems like the coolest thing in the world. Within a few weeks though, the shine wears off. Your kids have marred the pristine finish with greasy hand prints, dirt and strawberry jam. Within a few months, its speed inexplicably drops. The cool apps you heard about are […]

The central processing unit (CPU), or processor, is the brains of the whole computer. The computer CPU is rarely seen by people as it usually hides under a heatsink and fan. When you finally pull a CPU out they are quite small compared to other computer parts. Processors technology is always evolving and compared to other […]

Computer memory, commonly refereed to as Random Access Memory or RAM, is a form of computer data storage. What separate RAM from a hard drive is the fact the data can be stored anywhere, randomly, with RAM so transfer rates are much higher then a mechanical device like a hard drive. Also, memory is used […]

It’s hard to find a new computer these days that does not include a video card. It’s also hard to find a new video game that doesn’t require a high end graphics cards. So what is a video card? Basically, it is a processor (graphics processing unit, or GPU) dedicated to accelerating and processing graphics. […]

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