What Is The Iexplore.Exe Virus

The Iexplore.exe file is the exe file (an executable file)  for running Internet Explorer in windows, the very well known web browser from Microsoft Corporation.

When you open the Task Manager on your Windows System (using the keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt+Del) when Internet Explorer is running, then you can see “iexplore.exe” as a running task on the Processes tab.

If you locate this process running in the Task Manager even when IE is not running, or if you observe two IEXPLORE.EXE running processes when your internet browser is open, and one of these tasks consuming around 90-95% of your processor then it is sure that your computer is infected by a virus/Trojan.

As a result, you will receive frequent Iexplore.exe errors on your PC and your system’s performance will decrease considerably.

In the next paragraphs we will discuss about what can cause iexplore exe virus in your Windows and how to prevent these problems.

How Iexplore.exe virus can infected my computer?

One of the most common threats that can put the iexplore.exe virus file on your system is a backdoor trojan, such as Backdoor.GrayBird (named after a Chinese remote access tool that can be programmed to run in the background on the computer being hacked).

These are the most dangerous, and most widespread, type of Trojan viruses. Backdoor Trojans provide the creator or “master” of the Trojan with remote “administration” of victim systems. Unlike legitimate remote administration programs, they install, launch and run invisibly, without the consent or knowledge of the user. Once installed, backdoor Trojans can be set to send, receive, execute and delete files, collect confidential data from the computer, log activity on that computer and more.

How to remove Iexplore.exe virus from an infected computer?

1. Download & Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Edition

2. Update Malwarebytes by clicking on the Update tab then click the Check For Updates Button. Wait for the message stating that The Database Was Succecfully Updated and click on OK. (image 1)

Conficker.C Removal Instructions

3. Click on the Scanner tab then make sure there is a check in the box next to Perform A Full Scan and click the Scan button.  (image 2)  Allow the scan to complete and click the OK button.

How to Remove Conficker.C Virus

4. Once the scan has finished, Click OK on the scan completed box and close the text file that opens. Click view results then make sure there is a check next all the found items and click Remove Selected. (image 3)

In Home Virus Removal

5. When Complete You might get a prompt that states that not all of the Items could be removed and that they will be removed during restart. Click yes to restart you computer.

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