The Don'ts Of Website Design

  • Don't use wire frames in your website.
    Search engines DO NOT index sites with frames and also visitors will not be able to bookmark the inner pages of the website. This is because the URL remains the same no matter what page of the website you are on.
  • Don't devote to much content to describe what your company is all about.
    Rather focus on describing the products and services that you offer and how visitors can benefit by using them. Make use of the word ‘YOU’ more than ‘WE’ or ‘US’
  • Don't write the content in capital letters
    This will make the visitors uncomfortable and give out a very loud and messy feel of the website. Also, don’t use ‘bold’ or ‘italics’ formatting excessively.
  • Don't design your company website yourself
    Unless you are sure about your technical expertise and can make it look professional enough do not design your own website
  • Don't make your website too full.
    Leave an adequate amount of Whitespace or yor website will look cluttered
  • Don't Use ClipArt
    Clipart looks like a thing of the past. Have custom made graphics and logos if you want the website to have a professional look and feel